He is willing to move to free safety and flank Landon Collins in order to save his value for the team.

While Cousins is, was, and was always going to be free agency’s biggest story, that was just one of the earth-shattering developments happening on Monday and Tuesday. Here were the biggest shakeups before free agency even started. Before free agency, there were four teams in the running for Cousins: the Vikings, Broncos, Jets, and Cardinals. […]

You pretty much have to go back to 1918 and 1919, when Babe Ruth pulled double duty as a starting pitcher and an outfielder for the Red Sox.

So, yeah, Ohtani’s upcoming season isn’t exactly predictable. On Tuesday, Scioscia told reporters that he expects Ohtani to make the most impact as part of a six-man rotation the club will experiment with in 2018. At least, that’s the plan now, in mid-February. A couple hours after Wednesday’s workout — yes, it was still raining […]

Wizards’ Markieff Morris goes on expletive-filled rant about Mavericks’ J.J. Barea

Wizards forward Markieff Morris does not agree with Mavericks guard J.J. Barea’s statement saying John Wall’s teammates “don’t like him.” “Man, (expletive) J.J. Barea!” Morris told the Washington Post Wednesday. “What the (expletive) is he talkin’ about? The (expletive) I care about what J.J. Barea said. (Expletive) J.J. Barea. He ain’t a part of this […]