Mason Rudolph has busy pre-draft schedule

Most conversations about quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft generally cover the first four, and then Lamar Jackson, and then the rest.

But Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph could have something to say about that conventional wisdom, based on his travel schedule.

Per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Rudolph has a busy slate of visits or workouts without nearly as much attention.

“It should demonstrate every type of throw,” Allen said of his script. “I’m looking forward to Friday for sure.”

The same goes for interested suitors in attendance to see Allen do more than showcase arm talent in aerial displays that will include an attempt to support a recent claim to an NFL scout that he could throw an 82-yard pass in the air [“I guess we’ll kind of find out on Friday,” Allen said.]

Allen expects meetings with teams around his Pro Day will be an extension of Combine interviews that he separated into two categories.

Allen considered one group of the get-to-know-you variety because those clubs didn’t have much if any interaction with him in January at the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

The other peppered him with more Xs-and-Os questions designed to see whether Allen’s smarts match up with his prototype 6-5, 237-pound size and break-any-plate-at-the-carnival-no-matter-how-much-it’s-rigged arm strength.

Neuheisel had three stints as a collegiate head coach, including a 2008-2011 stint at UCLA. Neuheisel also played college football at UCLA and was named the MVP of the Rose Bowl in 1984. Neuheisel has never been a professional head coach, but spent three years on Brian Billick’s staff with the Ravens. He was Baltimore’s quarterbacks coach in 2005 and 2006 and served as offensive coordinator in 2007.

The Alliance of American Football is set to begin its inaugural season in February 2019. An official announcement of Neuheisel’s hiring and the location of the Southern California entry is expected soon.

Love threw the pass with 3.3 seconds left and the Cavs trailing by three, and James caught it on the right wing, where Philly forward Robert Covington was called for a shooting foul on the Cavs star. James, who went on to make the first free throw and miss the second, leading to the intentional miss on the third, told ESPN after the game that he believed Covington fouled him on the floor before he was in his shooting motion.

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