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Şirketimiz 2015 yılında İzmir/Selçuk’ta kurulmuş olup, amacımız ülkemizde kullanılan teknoloji ve internet sistemlerini en gelişmiş ülkeler seviyesine çıkarmaktır.

Şirketimiz Türkiye’nin ilk gerçek kolektif alışveriş sitesi olan Beraberal projesiyle faaliyetlerine başlamıştır.

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The Rebels are just 11-15 this season, and 4-9 in a suddenly improved SEC.

The Andy Kennedy era is over for Ole Miss. Kennedy announced last Monday that he would resign at season’s end, but after going 0-2 this week against Arkansas and in-state rival Mississippi State, he sent a letter to Ole Miss on Sunday that he will resign immediately. It’s over for AK and Ole Miss.

Kennedy had two years remaining on his contract with Ole Miss, which the school will honor as he moves on from Oxford after 12 years of steering the ship. He ends his career at Ole Miss as the winningest coach in Rebel history, with 245 wins and 155 losses.

The program made the NCAA tournament twice in Kennedy’s tenure, most recently in 2015. Entering this season, Ole Miss had won 20 or more games in seven of the last eight years.

The most interesting wrinkle here is that, given the names of available college coaches out there at the moment, Kennedy sits near the top of the list of prospective guys in the country to land a head coaching spot where an opening appears. He’ll almost certainly be barking out orders somewhere next season.

On Sunday, James and Irving will take the floor again as teammates for the first time since the trade. James himself selected Irving in the first-ever All-Star Game draft, though this is bound to be a little awkward.

As Irving put it in his press conference with the Celtics, Me leaving [Cleveland] wasn’t about basketball. And to some extent that was true — there was no pure basketball reason for Irving to leave. He was coming off the best season of his career statistically.

His move had a lot more to do with breaking out from behind LeBron’s shadow. To not be known as the Scottie Pippen to LeBron’s Michael Jordan.

It was my time to do what was best for me in terms of my intentions and that’s going after something bigger than myself and obviously being in an environment that’s conducive for my potential, Irving said according to

That’s when he started throwing subtle jabs at James.

To assuage players’ concerns about sign stealing, MLB will install new telephone lines from dugouts to video replay rooms.

Major League Baseball has imposed stricter limits on mound visits by players in an effort to speed up games, but it decided against 20-second pitch clocks for 2018.

After more than a year of negotiations, the Major League Baseball Players Association refused to agree to the changes but also signed an agreement that it will not oppose the rules.

The amendments to the playing rules announced Monday include a general limit of six mound visits per nine-inning game without a pitching change, whether by a manager, coach or player.

MLB said the lines will be monitored, and a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press all conversations on the lines will be recorded. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because that detail was not announced.

All of this is important because the NBA’s relationship with technology is paramount to its growth as a league. Its embrace of social media has opened doors that other sports leagues slammed shut, providing an unlimited and instantaneous marketing machine at its fingertips.

Tech was the first thing Adam Silver mentioned in his annual state of the game press conference on Saturday night, and the league’s Tech Summit has become one of the hottest tickets of All-Star weekend. Earlier this week at the Recode conference, Silver was part of a forum for something called mixed reality, which is a hybrid between the real and virtual worlds.

Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth, who has spent the past 17 years in a North Carolina prison for conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend, opened up for the first time in a handwritten letter to the victim’s mother.

Carruth wrote a 15-page letter to Saundra Adams, the mother of Cherica Adams, that was sent to Charlotte television station WBTV. He also spoke at length by phone with the station about the letter, accepting responsibility for the 1999 conspiracy to murder Cherica Adams and expressing interest in gaining custody of their son.

I’m apologizing for the loss of her daughter. I’m apologizing for the impairment of my son, Carruth told WBTV. I feel responsible for everything that happened. And I just want her to know that truly I am sorry for everything.

Just a hair behind Oklahoma State in attendance and a few places ahead in revenue (because Phil Knight loves his Ducks more than T. Boone loves his Pokes?) is Oregon. The Ducks have never won a title but have come close. They had close calls in 2001 (finished No. 2), 2007 (in position until Dennis Dixon’s knee injury), 2010 (lost the title game on the final play), and 2014 (Zeke Elliott). The Ducks are ninth in winning percentage since hiring Mike Bellotti in 1995 and have eight top-10 finishes over that period. They even wear green and have an avian mascot.

For the 20 teams that failed to reach the playoffs this season, the offseason starts Monday.

For some of those teams, the offseason will begin with a bit of housecleaning.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported early Sunday that the San Francisco 49ers, coming off a season with only two wins entering Week 17, will conduct an overhaul of their organization that will include the firing of Coach Chip Kelly and GM Trent Baalke. (Baalke confirmed he had been fired just before the Niners kicked off their season finale against the Seahawks.

Media writer John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal wrote Romo and Nantz “have been the most talked about broadcast team this NFL season.” When Ourand asked Nantz if Romo or Cutler would be the better rookie broadcaster, Nantz “just sat back and laughed.” Awful Announcing pointed out Romo is a viral sensation for his Nostradamus-like ability to call plays in advance. “It’s hard to imagine how the Romo experiment could be going any better for CBS.”

And Cutler? With the Dolphins missing the playoffs, the surly 34-year-old QB’s future is in question. He reportedly doesn’t want a backup job. If Fox hires him back, he’d be lucky.

But the Rams and 49ers put on a superb show Thursday night. The offenses of the two youthful head coaches, the Rams’ Sean McVay and the Niners’ Kyle Shanahan, were impressive. McVay eventually prevailed in the square-off of former Redskins offensive coordinators, 41-39.

McVay is already working wonders with second-year quarterback Jared Goff, who threw for 292 yards and three touchdowns Thursday in a 22-for-28 passing display. Goff didn’t have an interception and had a passer rating of 145.8. Goff was not capable of such a performance last season as a rookie. He is being turned into a franchise quarterback by McVay.

With one of the most stunning plays in NFL playoff history, the Vikings beat the Saints, 29-24, to advance to the NFC championship game.

Down a point, with seconds left and out of field goal range, Minnesota scored a touchdown when Stefon Diggs hauled in a pass from Case Keenum, eluded a bizarre non-tackle by rookie New Orleans safety Marcus Williams and dashed the rest of the way into the end zone.

From there, the teams traded field goals, with Minnesota’s Kai Forbath nailing a clutch 53-yarder before New Orleans’s Wil Lutz hit one from 43 yards out with just 25 seconds to go. That set the stage for the heroics from Diggs and Keenum, and now the Vikings will travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles and their backup quarterback, Nick Foles, with a trip to the Super Bowl at stake.

It will be interesting to see what happens this coming offseason when the NFL’s rule-making competition committee deliberates and then reports to the owners at the annual league meeting in March in Orlando. The replay system itself could be tweaked. Or if the conclusion is that the system itself is fine but the way it is being applied is not, there could be a directive made to change the approach.

Doing nothing might not be an option, given the level of discontent reflected by the public comments made by Pegula.

When will the firings begin? … The day after the NFL’s regular season always has been known as Black Monday because that traditionally has been when the firing of head coaches league-wide has gotten under way in earnest.

Dolphins cut Maualuga: Miami dumped linebacker Rey Maualuga hours after his arrest on a battery charge early Saturday.

Make way for Peterman: The Bills are taking what Coach Sean McDermott says is a “calculated risk” and starting Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor against the Chargers.

Where in the world is Jon Gruden? Not in Tennessee. With the Vols’ coaching job open, a Grumor sizzled Saturday that he was in Knoxville with Peyton Manning. While there are reports of his interest in coaching again, this Grumor went from sizzle to fizzle.

The protests have been limited to a few players on a few teams, and this was before the president of the United States told his devoted base to boycott.

Fueling Curry’s career season from inside the 3-point line has been a change in approach in the half court, namely a sharp increase in pick-and-roll responsibilities combined with fewer isolations. One of the benefits of utilizing Second Spectrum’s player tracking is that it not only captures result-based actions, but also every indirect action that doesn’t ultimately lead to a shot, foul, assist or turnover. It’s helpful to truly quantify what a player is doing on the floor.

According to this data, Curry is averaging about 40 half-court actions on the ball per game, a reduction of roughly two per game from his unanimous MVP campaign. That doesn’t include any transition opportunities or possessions in which he’s on the floor but never becomes involved. The percent of those on-ball actions that are run as a pick-and-roll ball handler has risen from 58 percent to 65 percent, while his isolations have dropped from 8 percent to just 5 percent. Considering that Curry ranks as the NBA’s single most efficient pick-and-roll ball handler, it’s a thrilling tradeoff for the Warriors.

At other NFL stops, Shurmur has served as the offensive coordinator for the Rams and Eagles, and he previously served as the tight ends and quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia under then-head coach Andy Reid. He began his coaching career at Michigan State after being an all-Big Ten center for the Spartans.

“I am looking forward to getting to work with Dave Gettleman and [assistant general manager] Kevin Abrams and starting the process to once again build a championship team,” Shurmur said in a statement. “I have been fortunate to work with many great coaches and players, and I am thankful for those relationships.”

Things are escalating, and both sides seem to be onboard with that escalation. And if enough fans decide that their loyalty to their political team is more important than their loyalty to their NFL team, this could be much bigger than just a war of words over a September weekend.

The case for: This isn’t a coaching issue. This is a roster-construction issue. The Browns passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in the previous two NFL drafts, and both appear to be franchise quarterbacks. Wentz could be the league MVP this season, and Watson very well could have been the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year if he hadn’t gotten hurt. The Browns didn’t trade for Jimmy Garoppolo. They couldn’t even manage to notify the league office properly after they agreed to a trade-deadline deal for AJ McCarron.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Gerry Dulac quoted a Steelers source as saying that Shazier’s condition was “better than what it could have been.”

Meanwhile, it is baffling how the Raiders (one winning season in their last 16) and Browns (two winning seasons out of 19) can justify sticking to the same old hiring routines at the expense of an explicit policy aimed at altering those routines.

Back in 2016, when pioneering head coach Dennis Green died, his role in opening previously locked doors to NFL coaching was lauded. The recent shenanigans with the Raiders and Browns, though, are a reminder that the NFL runs in place more than it moves forward on this.

“This is a tough game, a tough business. 5-0 is our brother,” Steeelers Coach Mike Tomlin said after the game, referring to Shazier’s jersey number. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to him. … He’s receiving good medical care.”

Walton is a big believer in meditation. He did it under Jackson as a player and practices it regularly today. The Lakers coach wanted his team to practice mindfulness to help not just unlock its potential but also help players deal with daily pressures such as social media.

“It is very confusing,” Walton said of his team’s free-throw shooting. “Free throws are more mental than anything. We talk about it, we work on it. Then I try to not talk about it, let it just happen naturally. I think we got up over 70 (percent) as a team before last night, but it kills us. It hurts us. It’s hurt us in a lot of games this year. But like everything else, hard work and confidence is normally the way to fix things. … They’re all very capable free throw shooters, so it’s not like they don’t have the skill to knock them down. We just have to clear our minds and take it for what it is, which is just one shot at a time and step up there and knock it down.

Tarik Cohen, RB, Bears: Cohen provided his owners with seven points in standard scoring leagues in Week 7, and the impressive part is he had just one reception — but it went for 70 yards.

Ted Ginn, WR, Saints: Ginn has not been a factor for most of his career when it comes to fantasy football, but he became fantasy relevant in 2015 when he hauled in 10 touchdowns during the run to the Super Bowl with the Carolina Panthers. He turned in a nearly identical season in 2016 from a receiving standpoint, but had just four touchdowns.

“Speaking strictly for myself, I am shooting the worst that I have in like three years (61 percent). It is not saying much, but it is not for a lack of practice. I am in here shooting free throws every single day. I don’t know what it is. Probably got some kind of mental block as a team going on.”

Why is Lewis sticking around? The Bengals value continuity above all else.

All of this is to say that the man who will replace Aaron Rodgers, out indefinitely with a broken right collarbone, does have some potential. Beyond that, we just don’t have a ton of answers yet on where he is as a player after spending two-plus seasons developing behind Rodgers and under Mike McCarthy and Co. What we do know is that Hundley seized the No. 2 job last year, and was good enough this year to where the Packers felt comfortable going into the year with just two quarterbacks on the active roster.

Lewis has been a stabilizing presence since being hired in 2003, giving the organization some much-needed respect and dignity after an embarrassing run of ineptitude in the 90s. While he’s most known for never winning a playoff game, Lewis owns a 125-112-3 record in Cincy, reaching the postseason seven times with four division titles.

Since signing with the Bengals, Lewis has worked with a number of assistants and coordinators in Cincinnati who have gone on to have success elsewhere. There are a number of former Lewis proteges who are current NFL head coaches, including Mike Zimmer, Hue Jackson, Jay Gruden, and Vance Joseph.

Last season, the Bengals finished 6-9-1 and missed the postseason. The Bengals opted to not extend Lewis’ contract after his first sub-.500 season since 2010, so it was set to expire after the 2017 season. This became a prove-it year. The Bengals finished 7-9 — their second straight losing year. Despite the Bengals underachieving again, they’ll be giving Lewis another shot to turn things around and get back in playoff contention.

It wasn’t as valuable as the experience that Schweitzer’s draft classmates Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, De’Vondre Cambell and Austin Hooper were getting. But it was the next best thing. Most importantly, because he committed to it, it worked.

Andy Reid was asked after Ware’s injury if it made it more likely that Spiller would lock up a roster spot. “Right now, yeah, I would tell you today,” he said, via Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride.

He had been released hours before the Patriots’ game, and according to Arrowhead Pride, he was in the locker room after the game. So he and everyone else involved knew that it wasn’t anything long-term.

Since Wentz went to injured reserve, Foles has taken over as quarterback for the Eagles.

The NFL Divisional Round starts with a Saturday afternoon tilt in Philadelphia between the team with the best record in the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles, and reigning NFC champions the Atlanta Falcons. It’s the first time in NFL history that a No. 1 seed is a home underdog in the Divisional Round.

In his first start against the Giants, Foles and the Eagles offense started slow, but he finished with four touchdowns and a victory. The following week at home on Christmas night against the Raiders, Foles didn’t look so good. He was 19-of-38 passing with one touchdown and one interception. He didn’t look comfortable. He couldn’t find a rhythm and his receivers and his timing were slower than they should be.

The Eagles had their first-round bye secured entering Week 17 at home against the Cowboys, but smartly decided to play Foles for a bit. They needed to get him into some kind of positive offensive flow. It didn’t work. Foles was 4-of-11 passing with an interception. Not good.

It was windy at Lincoln Financial Field, and the Falcons were stuck trying to move the ball against the wind in the second half. The Eagles’ defense keyed in on the run, just like they did all year to finish No. 1 in the league, and pretty much shut Atlanta down for most of the second half.

The Eagles settled for a field goal after a 14-play, 83-yard drive that took almost eight minutes off the clock in the fourth quarter. Atlanta made some big-time plays on the next possession, but a crucial stop from the Eagles on fourth-and-goal saved the day.

This one had some very strange plays that shaped the outcome, and things ended up bouncing the Eagles’ way just enough to get the win.

A town official says not to worry, there is still lots of water the reservoir.T Demar Dotson and the rest of the Bucs’ offensive linemen can help each other with cohesive play the finale I felt more comfortable than the first time, I think that I’m starting to get more comfortable, he said.Going campin’: After the club compiled its most losses since the franchise moved to Minnesota 1961, the Twins are starting fresh, but they’re not starting over.Pass to Daley.

From the plane you could see houses and water all over the place.

“It’s nothing new to us,” Bills wide receiver Zay Jones told “We know where we stand. We know where people pick us. We believe we write our own destiny with how we come to practice each and every day, with how we approach meetings and how we approach ultimately game day and just one day at a time. People are going to pick who they want to pick. That’s what fans and analysts and the media does. Our concern is the guys in the locker room and really just focusing in. Because this is really a huge game for us.”

If the starters stay healthy , and if the Rockies can find the right bullpen combinations , then playoff contention is a realistic goal.highlighted Atlanta’s Dansby Swanson, the first overall pick the 2015 MLB draft.And, both helping to integrate their respective sports.He’s yet to win at Bell Centre, with his record now .However, he is also a retired professional ice hockey player himself.

The base properties of paint: pigment, binder, and volume are displayed as content through timed, durational hand manipulation.It means that most fans think of him as just another stiff big trying to recover his pre-injury form, and probably ‘t remember that when he came into the league, he was running off bullshit like this: The public’s image of players is true, he says.Cardinals right fielder found himself breaking the top ten!Any time he touches the ball as it come off the rim, it’s his.

“When we flew home, I looked out the window of the plane and couldn’t believe it,” Altuve says. “The city was destroyed.”

Depending on how his contract is structured, and if things don’t work out, the Raiders could be stuck paying Gruden a boatload of money and also paying a new head coach to right the ship.

If that happens, the Raiders may very well have to shell out a record-setting amount for that new coach, too, in part thanks to this Gruden deal.

On the flip side, there were moments where hesitancy cropped up in how he aimed the ball too much, most notably on a second-quarter overthrow to Ed Dickson in the end zone. But given the fact that Newton only threw two passes in the preseason, this was a pretty good start. “Overall,” said one team staffer, “it was very solid.”

The Ravens would end up losing their next game, and finished the season losing three of their last four games to finish 8-8.

Andy Dalton’s fourth down heroics did it in 2017
The Ravens probably thought things couldn’t have gotten worse than they did last year, but they did. Coming into Sunday’s game, the Ravens controlled their own playoff destiny, needing a single win to get in.

The Bills, on the other hand, needed to win, and the Ravens to lose. The Ravens had a seemingly easy task on their hand with the Bengals, but it was far from that.

But it hardly ends there, for any of them. It’s also in growing the players as people and into leaders, which means even those who quickly get into the lineup remain immersed in developing with their peers.

“An emerging leadership plan is something we focused on for sure with players like that,” Dimitroff continued. “We’ve had players who continue to rise to the occasion, like (Deion Jones) and like Grady Jarrett, younger guys who continue to show their ability on the field, and in how they lead the team. That’s another element of Plan D that’s important to us, to continue to determine who those guys are going to be, the next wave of leaders on this football team.”

Jonathan Stewart is 5’10 and 240 pounds. His build is vaguely reminiscent of a bowling ball with legs. He’s about the last guy you’d expect to see jumping straight over a defender. But he did.

The Dolphins’ Cordrea Tankersley is crouching over a little, but he’s mostly upright. And Stewart hurdles him so casually, like this is something he does every day.

Maybe we shouldn’t have been so surprised, because this wasn’t Stewart’s first hurdle. But it doesn’t make it any less impressive to see him flying over a guy who’s three inches taller than Stewart.

Speaking of butts, 2017 was the Year of the Butt in the NFL. Panthers wide receiver Damiere Byrd contributed to that with this touchdown against the Green Bay Packers in Week 15.

I watch the 49ers only when they play a nationally televised game. Even though Garoppolo is 4-0 as a 49er, I haven’t changed my NFL viewing habits because the Niners still haven’t been on national TV, so I haven’t been able to watch them. I really want there to be an a la carte system for cable and if they really had that, I would go back to purchasing cable so I could pick what channels I actually wanted. Until then, I would rather put that money towards something else that we really like to do. My wife and I like to travel, so we put money aside to travel, we paid off her student loans this year, and we made renovations to our condo.